Big Neechi AKA "The Black Super Saiyan" is an internationally recognized celebrity festival host and athlete known for his incredible strength and throwing wild parties.

Big Neechi graduated from Texas State University with a 4 year degree in Exercise & Sports Science

where he was known as a campus legend. He leveraged his deep understanding of social media with

his love of fitness to build a viral brand out of his name.


Neechi has been featured on Generation Iron (Strength Wars), Good Morning America, Total Frat

Move, TMZ, and Daily Mail. He has been seen along side CT Fletcher, Simeon Panda, Larry Wheels, Mike

Rashid, Jay Cutler, Terron Beckham, NDO Champ, and many more. Big Neechi has hosted events

with Lil Wayne, Post Malone, Migos, Cardi B, Trippie Redd, Lil Baby, Future, Gucci Mane, Russ, among



Big Neechi is a leading cast member of Generation Iron’s upcoming documentary – Strength Wars:

The Movie. He will be featured alongside strength athlete greats such as Larry Wheels, Anabolic

Horse, Terron Beckham, Jerry Pritchett, Blaine Sumner, Leonidas Arkona, and NDO Champ.

Big Neechi’s capabilities in the gym came at an early age when he broke the Jr. High School bench press record of 315lbs in the 8th grade. His fitness career continued on the gridiron and at combines where Big Neechi won awards titling him “Combine King” and “Strongest Man”.

At 18 yrs old, Big Neechi naturally bench pressed 420lbs, Squatted 500lbs, ran a 4.52 electronic 40 yard dash, with a 37inch vertical leap, and a 4.09 pro shuttle. He rushed for over 1,200 yards and scored 12 touchdowns as a Senior earning him college scholarships.

During college, Big Neechi earned another reputation for himself that didn’t involve the gridiron. He threw a “Project X” style pool party that went viral and ended up on every news outlet in America. Big Neechi has become the #1 event host in Texas after touring every major city and officially hosting Spring Break in South Padre Island where he was featured on the news internationally.  No matter how wild his lifestyle, Big Neechi prioritizes fitness, maintains a great physique, and displays insane numbers on all his lifts.

In 2017, CT Fletcher traveled to Texas where he trained Big Neechi. CT Fletcher put him through his intense workout called “Tension” that consisted of 200 reps on bench press. After completing CT Fletcher’s extreme workout, Big Neechi went on to win CT Fletcher’s Summer Smash (2018) 225lb bench press competition with 84 reps total in 2 sets. Then followed up with 50 reps of 225lbs during a bench off in Houston, TX. Big Neechi continued his winning streak at CT Fletcher’s Iron Wars 4 (2019) bench press competition where he took 1ST place with a 475lb pause rep.

Big Neechi is a leading cast member of Generation Iron’s upcoming documentary – Strength Wars: The Movie. He will be featured alongside strength athlete greats such as Larry Wheels, Anabolic Horse, Terron Beckham, Jerry Pritchett, Blaine Sumner, Leonidas Arkona, and NDO Champ.