Men's Custom Workout Program

Men's Custom Workout Program


This is the best and most exclusive program to see progress in your fitness goals. I have over 15 years of training experience, a 4 year Exercise & Sports Science degree, and I have won tons of competitions. Use my best methods to train your body and become the best version of yourself. I answer questions that you might have, and I will design a plan that best suits you and your goals. 

With this program you will get the following:

1. Workout schedule - Workout schedule lets you know which body parts need to be trained everyday. This program includes, cardio requirements, reps, and sets. 

2. Food recommendation: The foods that you should intake to gain lean muscle and shred body fat. Each food on the list will pack on lean muscle and maximize your strength.

3. Caloric intake: Macronutrient caloric intake will be included so you can scale how much you should eat to gain lean muscle and shred body fat.



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